2016-2017 Staff

Amy Meng


Hi everyone! I’m Amy Meng. I am a 7th grader in Hiawatha! I joined Newspaper because I want to learn how to write better and write to help inform others about what’s going on. In my free time, I like to practice piano, play ...

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Jillian Magenis


Hi! I am Jillian Magenis, and I am the co-editor of the FMS Reporter. I have been in the Reporter for 3 years now, and have enjoyed every year. My favorite subject in school is Social Studies, but in immensely enjoy Language Arts...

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Sadie Blattstein


Hi! My name is Sadie Blattstein, and I am a sixth grader in Tawasentha. I am in Newspaper club because I absolutely love writing and interviewing my fellow staff and classmates. My favorite classes in school are LA, Humanities En...

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Grace Wei

Reporter/ Sports Beat Editor

Hi there! My name is Grace Wei. I am 7th grader in Hiawatha. I joined newspaper last year because I like to write and I would like to be a journalist when I’m older. I enjoy writing school news the most because I enjoy inform...

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Pratul Amineni


My name is Pratul Amineni and I'm in 8th grade in Tawasentha. I enjoy playing sports such as tennis, swimming, and cross country, I also enjoy watching the NFL and college football. My favorite video games are madden mobile a...

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Edie Kreifels


                                      Hi, I’m Edie Kreifels. I am in 6th grade in Hiawatha. I joined the Newspaper because I love writing and reporting. There was no Newspaper club at my old school in Element...

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Aria Grisham

Co. Head Editor

Hello, it is I, Aria Grisham! I've been doing Newspaper since 6th grade, and now I'm a very old 8th grader. This year I'm Co Editor and Chief with Jillian Magenis, and I'm also a Beat Editor for  FKBK. I was in Seneca in 6th...

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Alexa Gabor


Hello, my name is Alexa Gabor. I’m 13 years old and in 7th grade in Tawasentha. This is my second year in newspaper. I am a drummer, singer, Equestrian, and I love the band Green Day more than anything in the world. I also e...

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