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Too Much Homework, Too Little Time

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Homework! Homework! Homework! Too much homework! Students are bummed about it because teachers are giving too much. Students have no time to finish. Teachers tell students to take a good night sleep, but how can we if we have too much homework that is due tomorrow?

Students should be given less homework.  One reason is because students play sports and are in extracurricular activities after school. Many 8th and 7th graders here in Farnsworth Middle School are in extracurricular activities. “I have a lot of homework, and I dont have time to finish!” says Isabella Smith, a 7th grader. This leaves only a little time for students to eat dinner with their family, and they may not get a decent amount of sleep time. Psychologists say that 12-18 year olds should get about 8-9 hours of sleep each night.

Another reason is that, staying up late doing homework benefits no one. Because our teachers tell us to go to bed early, students rush and do not thoughtfully do their homework. Going to bed at 1:30 am causes a lack of performance in school the next day. Students are tired because they got less sleep.  We all know that teachers hate it when students fall asleep in class.

I have a lot of homework, and I don’t have time to finish!”

— Isabella Smith, a seventh grader

Lastly, homework hurts the environment. You know why? Because the homework given out to children is uses paper… And paper is taken from trees so we have to chop down the trees for homework. That is bad because trees are like the main way we can breathe on earth.

In conclusion, homework can be very stressful for students. If teachers start giving less homework, then students will start returning the homework they do and teachers will receive it on time. We will even get a better grade and understand each skill better. Homework, homework, homework. Too much homework.

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Too Much Homework, Too Little Time