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The Toll of Eating Healthy

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Why should you have to pay more to eat healthier? Sure we come from a country where obesity is an issue, but we also come from a country where money means your future. If you come from a family with less income, you don’t have the advantage of eating healthy. It is not fair to the people who can’t afford it. Most people probably eat unhealthy because they can’t afford a healthy diet!

We all know that a healthy diet leads to a healthier lifestyle. Processed foods and other types of unhealthy food are very bad for you. So why should an apple cost more than McDonald’s small fry? Fast food is also considered a bad choice, but that doesn’t stop people from ordering it over a nice, healthy, home cooked meal. It surprises me that we hear of McDonald’s being the world’s largest chain of hamburger fast food restaurants, but we don’t hear of any chains of healthy take out restaurants.

I think that the prices on healthy food items should be lowered. Our country should want the best for our people, and high prices on healthy food in our lifestyle is not helping. Why don’t they raise the prices on the food that is not so good for you? At least then there would be less of an issue in the health department. Being obese can cause a lot of bad things like diabetes and high blood pressure. I don’t believe that that is something we want in our society.

If we take care of our people, we can help them develop a healthier life. What if people who couldn’t afford it, could? What would happen then? We could have a decrease in diseases caused by obesity and and an increase in health. Everyone could be happy and healthy.

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The Toll of Eating Healthy