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FMS 2016-17 School Spelling Bee

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The school-wide spelling bee is a long-standing tradition here at FMS. The way it works is every grade has a class-wide spelling bee that uses the words appropriate for their age. Then, two students are chosen from that class: a winner and a substitute. If the winner can’t move on to the next level, the substitute takes their place. The winners from each class then go on to take a written test containing twenty-five written words and twenty-five vocabulary words. After the written test they go to participate in a spoken spelling bee, in the cafetorium . If they get all of their words right in the first and second round of the spoken spelling bee, the judges count up the amount of words they got right in the written part. If they got one of the top scores, they move on. Each kid will continue to spell a word wrong until four are left. The four kids moving on to the regional bee at Proctor’s are Maia Regan, Joanna Chen, Aidan Doyle, and Amol Kumar. They were asked to answer a few questions and this is what they said.

Question number one: How did you feel during the Bee?spellingBee.jpg (400×345)

Maia said: “Last year I did advance to the school bee, so I knew what to expect, but I was still a little nervous.”

Joanna said: “It was definitely extremely nerve wracking, especially with that bell, always seeming so ominous with the threat of dinging, signaling your mistake.”

Aidan said: “I was feeling really excited during the bee, especially when I made it to the third round, which means I scored in the top 25 on the vocab test.”

Amol said: “During the Bee I was a bit nervous, but I was ready for the challenge.”

Question number two: Was it your first time advancing further than the classroom bee?

Maia said: “ I did advance to the school bee last year.”

Joanna said: “It was not my first time advancing further than the classroom bee.”

Aidan said: “This was my second time advancing to the school bee.”

Amol said: “I have advanced past the classroom bee all three years in middle school.”

The last question was: Were you nervous or excited?

Maia said: “At first I was nervous, but after a few rounds, I actually stopped being nervous because it was kind of fun.”

Joanna said: “It was not my first time advancing further than the classroom bee, but I was still really nervous.”

Aidan said: “I was very excited the whole time.”

Amol said: “To be honest, I was both nervous and excited.”

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FMS 2016-17 School Spelling Bee