Three of a Kind

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My parents left the house one night when I was only 1 year old. Since the night I was born, I have known what was going to happen on that frosty December night. Ever since I had that first vision, only hours old, I have known. I cherished my every moment with them. I wish I had been able to resist that knowledge, but there was no way. I knew it was going to happen. I could tell it was true. I wished and hoped and prayed that they wouldn’t leave that night, but they did.

My name?  Vanessa Grayson.

My parents?  Missing. For 8 years.

Chapter 1

Wilfred Theodore (12 years old), Vanessa Grayson (9 years old), and Connor Segee (15 years old) lived in a condo on Blue Egg Blvd. In Kansas City, Missouri. All three pairs of their parents left one night 8 years ago, and never came back. Since this mystery was still unsolved, and they just couldn’t bear not knowing any longer, they decided to set off to find out how their parents disappeared.

Apparently, this task wasn’t as easy as they thought, because since none of them actually had a clue of how their parents had disappeared, or where they disappeared, or what in the world even happened! So, they talked it out.

“Hey guys, why don’t we just go to the attic and look for old newspaper articles?” Vanessa suggested. “There’s BOUND to be something about our parents in there. An unsolved missing persons case? That’s hot news!”

“Hey, I think that would take WAY too long”, Connor protested. “ Do you want to spend our days fishing through old newspaper articles, or physically LOOKING FOR and FINDING evidence of what happened to our parents?”

“For once, I actually AGREE with Connor. Newspapers are BORING!” Wilfred agreed.

Vanessa threw up her hands in defeat. “Fine! I guess I’m outnumbered.”

So, Vanessa, Wilfred, and Connor decided to search the city.

But… where to start? Wilfred had the idea.

“Let’s go to that street that our parents always talked about… what is it? Hmm… Oh, I know! It was Green Egg Grove!”

“Now you’re talking! Good idea!” Vanessa agreed.

“But I want to go out for ice cream first,” Connor whined.

“We’ll do that LATER, Connor!” Vanessa told him. And they were off.


“I’m Hungry,” Connor complained.

“Be quiet,” Vanessa snapped.

“Hey guys, I think I just found something,” Wilfred shouted from a few feet away. “Come over here!” Vanessa dragged Connor over to where Wilfred’s voice was coming from.

“Cool!” Connor shouted. For in front of them was probably the biggest clue they would ever get.  It was a house. An old one, most likely an abandoned one. But it just gave off that vibe that it was important, and just as important to enter.   

Chapter 2

Once they entered the house, they looked around. It seemed pretty boring and unimportant. All that was there was a bunch of old, dusty furniture. But when they swiveled around to one corner, they saw a dark figure sitting in an old rocking chair.

“Hello?” Wilfred called out, “Is anyone there?”

“I-I’m h-h-here,” the dark figure replied, trembling. “Who are you?”

“Well, I’m Wilfred Theodore, that’s Connor Segee, and that person.”

“Over there is Vanessa Grayson.”

“Wait, did your parents die around 8 years ago?” the dark figure questioned.

“Erm, yes… but how do you know that?” Vanessa asked.

Chapter 3

“Well, one day I was exploring on my boat and I saw this weird island. I decided to go and check it out, because I was curious. When I got there, I saw this big cottage that seemed to be glowing a light pink. When I went in, I looked around and saw six adults getting hung by these young kids,” the dark figure explained.

“Wait a second, how were you exploring? You look 13. Wasn’t that, like, 8 years ago?” Connor interrupted.

“I’m going to keep that a secret, for now. Oh and by the way, my name is Dave Smith.” Dave answered.

“But how do you know our last names?” Vanessa questioned.

“Well, before they killed your parents, they said all of your parents names: Natalie Grayson, Leo Grayson, Sara Segee, Glen Segee, Angelina Theodore, and Nicholas Theodore. Next they said, ‘It’s over now…’ Well, that was freaky, so I ran back to my boat, found this abandoned house, and have been living here ever since.” Dave explained.

“Well, can you bring us to that island?” Wilfred asked.

“I could, but I don’t have a boat anymore.”

“Not a problem guys, I got it.” Wilfred exclaimed. When they got to the bay, Wilfred waved his wand, and a boat appeared. “Everyone, get in.” When they got to the middle of the bay, a small storm appeared, but luckily it wasn’t enough to flip the boat over.

“Hey guys, I think I see an island!”  said Vanessa excitedly. “LAND HO!”


Finally, they got to the island. The only problem was that the island was really big and the evil lair was the size of an ant. “Vanessa, can you use your psychic powers to find the location of the lair?” asked Connor.

“Good idea!” Vanessa agreed.

“I see it right next to the tallest tree in the middle of the island. It’s a coconut tree.” Vanessa told him.

“One problem. They’re all coconut trees!” Wilfred objected.

“I said the tallest tree in the middle of the island! Isn’t that right, Dave? DAVE? DAVE?! Where did Dave go? Those evil kids must have taken him while we weren’t looking!” exclaimed Vanessa worriedly.

“We need to find him before they kill him… or worse!”

“What can possibly be worse than death?” asked Wilfred. “Torture!!” Connor told him.

WHAT could they do?! Suddenly, a giant evil lair appeared in front of them, tearing the giant coconut tree right down the middle. Then, at the next flash of lightning, there were three kids standing on the doorway.

“You want your old man back? Come and get him.” The evil vampire kid bartered.

“Bring it” said Connor “Let’s do it.” And the battle began.


And so they fought.

“Jamaica. You get Vanessa, Dwayne gets Wilfred, and I, will get Connor. GO!” Cole told his team.

“I will find Dave. You guys can get the evil kids,” Connor ordered. “Let’s fight!” said Jamaica. Vanessa drop kicked Jamaica, but Dwane grabbed Wilfred and threw him on the ground. All of a sudden, Connor found Dave Smith.

“DAVE! Are you ok?! A poor human shouldn’t have to go through this!” Connor exclaimed.

“I’m fine. Go get them,” Dave encouraged Connor. “OK. You get… NOOOOOOO!” Dave screamed in sorrow, as Connor had been staked in the heart by Cole. Dave tore wood from the walls and hit Cole with it until he was practically begging for death. Vanessa defeated Jamaica, and Wilfred defeated Dwayne. The war may have been over, but Connor had died.

“No! No! It just can’t be!” Vanessa cried. “I think I need to be alone,” murmured Dave. Dave walked in the other direction, carelessly stepping into a mine.

“Nooooooo! Not Dave, too!” Wilfred cried sorrowfully. All of his friends but Vanessa! Gone! But then, a very odd thing happened. Dave pulled himself up, eyes still as bright as ever.

“What the- Dave?” Wilfred asked confusedly.

“I’m Immortal! I’m 2,000 years old! I CAN’T DIE!” Dave exclaimed in one huge burst.

“Why didn’t you tell us before?” Wilfred asked. “And how-”

“Enough, guys. Our best friend is gone,” Vanessa whispered as they bent their heads in sorrow. “We may not have our parents – or Connor – but we do still have each other.”


Now Connor is in his grave. But at least we know that we won the war. In honor of him. We are sad, melancholy, but now it’s over.

Or is it..

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