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A New Awakening

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I am at the beach,
silvery tide splashing at my ankles.
Darkness has overcome the sky,
but soon that will change.
Time inches by as the salty smell of the ocean overwhelms my nose.
As time continues to move in slow motion,
the sky begins to glow.
The light is only pale at first,
but it casts over the endless sky.
A small pink circle begins to peek up from the puffy clouds,
tinting them pink.
As the circle climbs up,
the colors begin to change.
The sky becomes angry,
a ferocious red circle looming over matching ominous clouds.
The circle makes it way up further,
the heat beginning to pleasantly beam over my face, but not quite enough to burn.
My toes dig into the cool morning sand as the circle finishes its pathway to an ultimately perfect point in the sky.
It begins to glow and envelopes the sky in wonderful,
golden light.

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  1. Marie Kelly on February 20th, 2016 11:02 pm



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A New Awakening