The moon controversy?

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The moon

Gregory H. Revera
The moon

Neil Armstrong was the first man on the moon… Or was he? Some people think that NASA never really landed on the moon and all the Apollo missions are fake. How could they prove it? Pictures and videos are the answer. There are many conspiracy theorists that accuse an event for being covered. Some of these people have accused NASA of staging their Apollo missions from the very beginning.

One conspiracy theory is how the flag was waving when Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin planted it. Space is like a vacuum, so its impossible for the flag to be waving. How is this possible?
NASA’s response is that in order to make it look like its waving they bent the poles that were in the flag.

Neil Armstrong planting US flag on the moon.

The “waving” flag in space.

Another conspiracy theory is from Apollo 16,  the “C rock”. In the picture below you can see the “C” on the rock. There is also a “C” below the rock (it maybe a little hard tho see.).


How is this possible

The letter C on a rock on the moon

Okay, theory time. NASA’s response is that it was a stray hair in the making of the image. The original image doesn’t even have the “C” on the rock. So how did this happen? Who’s right? Who’s wrong? There was an actual explanation and this conspiracy theory was busted. NASA was… right! There was a stray hair which got caught in the making of the image.

“The unexplained object”

What is this object? What it seems to be is a spot light which is usually found at theaters for light enhancement. Why would this spot light be on space? Even if it was on space how would it hang from above the astronauts in the middle of no where? NASA’s response… THERE IS NONE!


So what do you think? Was NASA  stumped when it came to the explanation of the unexplained object? Whatever it is, do you think that the moon landing was a hoax? Or that the hoax is untrue?






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The moon controversy?