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“The more dangerous you are, the more you run into danger.”

Let that be a lesson smashed on the walls of the MAZE. From the amazing series of James Dashner, comes the epic tale of the Maze Runner.  In the amazing movie, a young teenaged boy named Thomas is sent to a land that he finds by his curiosity, the MAZE. As the people he finds there live in their “ever well” state, Thomas is uncomfortable and feels that this is not his place to stay and live. As he and his friends find the whereabouts of the Maze, Thomas and the others must take risks, to get results and answers. In time, they find out that people who sent them here, don’t want them to leave. In other words, this is all just a test of survival, technique, strength, courage and boldness, and all just a toying game to the outside world, wherever that is. As the story unravels,the heavy-packed action begins to unfold.

As a reader I thought that James Dashner portrayed the feeling of courage, imprisonment and desperation very well.”

— Anish Narain, Hiawatha House

A maze runner is a highly audacious, persistent and courageous runner that runs into the maze looking for clues for a way out of  the maze and a way out of prison. Thomas has become something bigger than the normal affairs and daily routines encountered everyday by the people who have lived there for 3 years.  Thomas was then sent into the MAZE, covered in clouded and faded memory. As the first movie takes on a hazardous journey with a lifelong adventure, Thomas is desperate for the truth as to why he and his friends were sent to a wasteland surrounded by a symmetrical, booby-trapped maze. The only answer that he finds is a message presenting him with the basic facts of these travels.  The group also finds success in their journey and a mantra that they will remember forever: “Remember, Wicked Is Good”.

This is the first installment of the major series by James Dashner and it has brought itself a worthy position in the line of cinema movies that are to come.


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  1. Lily Lee on March 17th, 2015 12:06 pm

    Good job, Victor!


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