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This Dark Endeavor

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Victor Frankenstein leads a beautiful life. He and his twin brother Konrad and their charming cousin Elizabeth take lessons at home, and most of their spare time is spent fencing and horseback riding.  Along with their trusted friend Henry, they have explored all the hidden passageways and secret uncovered rooms of the Frankenstein chateau but one….The Dark Library contains ancient books written in forbidden languages, and is filled with corrupted knowledge.

Their father makes them promise never to come into the corrupted and forbidden library again, but when Victor’s twin brother Konrad becomes gravely ill, Victor must break his fathers promise.  He goes into The Dark Library to find the book that contains the recipe for The Elixir of Life. The Elixir only needs three ingredients, but it’s very risky because everyone that has tried to make the Elixir has failed.  Will the first Elixir of Life be made, and will Victor and his friends Elizabeth and Henry succeed in their horrifying and deathly quest to give Konrad the Elixir?  Or will Victor’s  twin brother die in front of his own eyes?

“This is a very  unpredictable book because Victor chops two of his own fingers for the sake of his brother”

— Aidan Gallagher

This Dark Endeavor written by Kenneth Oppel is a very interesting book, (Recommended to ages 12 and adult)  This Dark Endeavor is a prequel to Mary Shelly’s Gothic classic “Frankenstein”. “Such Wicked Intent,” the sequel to “This Dark Endeavor,” has also been released.

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This Dark Endeavor